Amir Khusrau collected his own poems at various stages in his life with extended prefaces: Tuhfat- us- Sighar (Gift of Youth) 1273 A.D.; Wasat-ul-Hayat (Middle of Life) 1284AD; Ghurrat-ul-Kamal (Prime of Perfection) . read more >>


One of the literary innovations credited to Amir Khusrau is his use of recent historical events and his own contemporaries, instead of stories and legendary characters from the past, as subjects of epic and romantic masnavis. Further read more >>


The 12th century Persian poet, Nizami Ganjavi’s khamsa (Arabic/ Persian, lit. "five") influenced many artists and poets - Amir Khusrau Dehlvi was one of them. Amir Khusrau set out to write his own version of the Khamsa (c. 1298) read more >>

Prose Work

1. Ijaz-i-Khusrawi, 719 AH/1319 AD
I’jaz-i-Khusrawi is his literary prose work written in five volumes. Besides defining styles of writing, it provides elaborate descriptions of various cultural and artistic ,read more >>