Talks & Poetry Reading 2010

4th March, 2010
Conference Room, India International Centre

Talk - Structure and Aesthetics of Qawwali
Speaker: Prof. Regula Burchardt Qureshi

Prof. Regula Burchardt Qureshi, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, is Professor of Music, University of Alberta, Director, Folkways AliveProject and Founder and Director, Canadian Centre for Ethnomusicology.

The talk anlaysed qawwali in its traditional role of realizing the ideals of Sufism through the inspiring sonic heritage of the Qawwal Bachhe who continue to provide spiritual nourishment through their performance, blending structures and aesthetics together in a functional whole of inspiring words and music.

10th March, 2010 
Auditorium India Internation Centre

Poetry Reading - Persian Verses of Amir Khusrau 
Selected by Sunil Sharma
Recited by Syed Shahid Mahdi

11th March, 2010
Conference Room, India International Centre

Talk - Literary aspects of Amir Khusrau's Poetry
Speaker: Dr. Sunil Sharma

“Ishq baazee Khusrau aamuzand leila o majnu al konun baashand.” If Laila and Majnu were alive today, they would learn the game of love from Khusrau. Thus boasts Amir Khusrau, the greatest Indo-Persian poet in one of his ghazals. Khusrau, who lived in 13th and 14th century Delhi, was primarily a poet of love lyrics and romances, as I am sure, you all know, even if we know him today as a mystic, musician and courtier. read more >>