1. To find classical musicians who continue to sing ragas, bandishes and in talas
    attributes to Amir Khusrau.
  2. To find folk musicians and Punjabi-ang qawwal who sing Amir Khusrau’s kalam.

  3. Interviews were conducted with resource persons as below:
    • Pandit Yashpaul
    • Prof B.S. Narang
    • Punrima Beri – General Secretary, Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Mahasabha
    • Salim Iqbal
    • Bhai Sikandar Singh

    Pandit Yashpaul during the course of conversation attributed the source of Khayal to Amir Khusrau and talked highly of ragas and compositions attributed to Amir Khusrau.

    Prof. B. S. Narang, spoke highly of the contribution to Amir Khusrau but said that he does not sing any ragas or compositions attributed to him, sang a few Punjabi khayal bandishes in the sufiana rang akin to the preference of Ustad Amir Khan’s penchant for introverted and meditational lyrics

    Salim Iqbal briefed that he belonged to a family of qawwal but turned to ghazal singing keeping in mind the changing audiences and patronage. In his own style he is trying to keep alive the Urdu ghazal in Punjab now that no one else is singing it. He also mentioned that connoisseurship is lacking in the state

    Bhai Sikandar Singh spoke about the system of ragas within shabad kirtan tradition in Punjab; mentioned Bhai Avtar Singh as the Ragi who knew the most amount of traditional compositions handed down the generations; reiterated that research in Universities is incapable of producing performers who can carry the tradition forward; talked about the general decline of classical music within Punjab attributing it to the partition because Lahore was the centre of the arts in the state

    In course of these interviews and other meetings with resource persons it was gathered that there are hardly any musicians in Punjab who sing Amir Khusrau’s kalam possibly because there is no audiences for even Urdu, let alone Persian kalam.